{grow your dreams embroidery pattern}

(this the first one I managed to digitize and get uploaded - my server's having one of *those* kind of issues today ... there's *lots* more to come!!)

{btw, you can just click on the thumbnail above to automatically open the pattern}

Anywho, my daughter and I were goofing off after reading Aimee Ray's "Doodlestitching" (which will be joining the "books i love" ranks shortly) and came up with this. We did oodles more (well, *I* did, after she bugged out to go swim with her friends) and they'll be coming up SOON.

Just so's you know: page 1 is the actual pattern. Page 2 is the stitching suggestions ... as always, what *always* counts most is *YOUR* personal twist, so feel more than free to ignore my suggestions and do it how YOU want.

Since I'm new at sharing embroidery patterns, any feedback you can give me is much, much appreciated. Like, "the lines are too thin," or "the stitch key is too confusing" or "leave my brain alone" ... okay the last one was just silly, but you get the point. ;)

I'd really appreciate it! :)

{until the next patterns ...}

sewy-crafty hugs!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I think it's beautiful! Just the right amount of detail to me. I'll be linking when I put up an embroidery roundup.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Simply pretty! Love it!


Kimara said...

I Love this. Simple but with lots going on. I have to find someplace to put this! Thanks bunches!

Debbie said...

Just stunning, like everything else I found on your site. I just found this blog last night and am in heaven. Thank you for all of the designs. You are really talented.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

These are wonderful designs..way to go!!

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