{the "blahs", the Toy Society and a giveaway!}

{the blahs}
Since my last bloggy blurb, a LOT has changed (TMI warning). We've (meaning, "I") found it necessary to (at least temporarily) take a "vacation" from my MIL ~ whom I believe I've mentioned here oodles of times. She was beginning to say inappropriate things to my kids ~ I can take a LOT of abuse, but I wasn't gonna sit back and watch the poop spill over and affect my kiddos.

So far, I'm sad to say, it's helped a lot. A LOT. There's more laughter in the house, less stress, and less ... drama. And even if it IS only temporary, and we invite Janie back in our lives (DH is still free to see her as he likes, obviously), we really and truly needed this "vacation." I think that this "vacation" really helped bring us together as a family (not trying to imply that my MIL isn't part of our family ~ I just meant our little corner of the family) and helped us to realize that life is good.

Since we took a sabbatical from my MIL, I came to the realization that life really IS good. To that end, I've sought treatment for my depression. Not the movie-of-the-week kind of depression ~ although it really was affecting my creativity ~ just the "enh-blah-blurgh" kinda depression. Where it's every bit as easy to sleep the day away as it is to sit and sew. So, a couple of visits to the doctor and three prescriptions later, I have a good anti-depressant medication that's making all the difference in the world. It's not a "magic pill" ~ it doesn't erase the depression, it just ... makes it easier to be happy. If that makes sense?!

My doctor (whom I adore ~ seriously, the man is awesome!) has also found the perfect blend of headache medications (I've suffered from migraines almost all my life ~ I remember having my first migraine when I was 6 years old). That, too, makes life much more ... Good.

{the Toy Society}
All of those things, all mushed up together and stirred well ~ along with a healthy, heaping dose of Toy Society softies making with my dearest daughter ~ has really made for a wonderful sabbatical from my bloggy-life. I feel refreshed, renewed ~ and for the first time in a LONG time:

{giveaway coming up!}
So, to celebrate, I'm going to come up with a giveaway. I dunno what it will be just yet ~ probably a squishy of some kind, plus a pattern or two. Maybe even a book. During my sabbatical, I've been going bonkers buying crafty books (and learning machine embroidery ~ but that's gist for another post!) ~ so I've got several {awesome} titles to choose from.

So, hopefully, my TMI post didn't turn you off so much that you won't stay tuned for details.

{more Toy Society}
But first {and this is ALWAYS great for inspiration}, my daughter and I will be playing "Secret Squirrel" tomorrow. We've got 7, count'em SEVEN, softies to hide for some sweet child to discover. Three penguins, two froggies, one piggie and one lamb that will hopefully find new, loving homes tomorrow.

So, if anyone's reading this in the Panama City Beach area and has small children {or just loves softies}, be sure to sneak over to Frank Brown Park, Hobby Lobby (on 23rd Street ~ at the Fabric Counter/Patterns Corner) and the PCB library tomorrow afternoon ~ those are the first three places we're going to go all Secret Squirrel at.

And if you've got more ideas on where great places are to leave stuffed critters needing a nice Forever Home, holler at me!! I have several more softies all cut out to sew up tomorrow!!

For now, though, I'm going to bed. Hopefully, I'll have a cute pixie of the softies we made ready for this post in the morning. I hate not having a neat pixie for my posts!!

Anywho, love to you all ~ and great BIG sew-y craft-y hugs!!!


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Jannarama said...

Yes, I realize this response is WAY late, but I love your Toy Society creations! The pink pig is adorable!

I can certainly understand distancing from negative family members. I did this with my sister & I am happier that the angst is out of my life.

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