{craft mafia} panama city beach

Technically, I'm not allowed to use the lingo just yet. But I'm too excited to wait ~ plus, I wanna get the word out! What better way to attract new members than to holler {craft mafia?}! As far as I'm concerned there ain't a better way!

So, if you're in the Florida Panhandle {hey ... I can dream big, can't I?}, get the hence to my new blog dedicated to crafting craziness. Along with updating {this} blog, I'll be adding stuff there, too!!

I'm in the middle of making dinner for a houseful of teens, so I gotta go for now. Just too excited to wait to get the word out. Updates will be coming up later ~ plus a surprise or two!! ;)


Mary said...

Hey there Connie, Good luck on this new venture. As I am waaaaay over here on the westie coast, I'll watch the fun, 'k?

Come on by and set a spell sometime, hear? (my mom's from Arkansas)

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Hello, thanks for your comment on my blog about the embossed metal :D
I use the normal Bigshot for the embossing.

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