{button bling-bling}

Two teenage girls + a stash o' buttons + rainy-oogie day = button bling! :)

Call me sentimental and silly, but things like these (especially my girlie and my "adopted" girlie being all crafty) make me really happy. Dark-cloudy-soggy weather or sunny-bright skies. This is happiness! And I can't even put into words how much I love, love, love how the orange button matches Melissa's fingernail polish! :)

My girlie (Mara) is the hand on the left, and Melissa (my "adopted" girlie) is the hand on the right and the tootsies in the bottom pic. Whatta introduction, huh?!

{and btw, you can see how dark 'n' cloudy it is by how oogie the pix-ies came out ... did I mention that my studio is the *brightest* room in the house?!}

Okay, back to sewy-crafty things of my own! :)

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