{creative constipation}

That's what my dad always called it. That's what you suffer from when you have a whole bunch of ideas, the tools you need to make them come to fruition ... but don't have the oomph to get the project started. Or if you're just totally distracted. Like I am right now.

Everything's perfect. Hubby took the kids (and few of our neighbor kids) to the local Air Show (@ Tyndall Air Force Base). The house is quiet. Buddy-the-Wonderdog is sleeping in his bed next to my desk (or faking it), basking in the sunshine peeping through the windows. The laundry is sorta done. The sink is empty. Everything's *perfect.*

But I sit here amongst 20 boxes worth of luscious fabric and trims (what I've managed to unpack - still have at least 15 large boxes of *more* sitting in the garage, calling my name) - and all I can focus on are the missing members of my craft supply family. Where is that gorgeous spotty-dotty fabric I bought a month before the Big Move? What box is my poor, lonely, bin 'o jumbo rick-rack sitting in?

{the pic you see is just the fabrics I'm playing with for a project in mind - keep an eye out for that, please! - the trim is just my quickie-grabbag - I've got *oodles* more in another bin}

Anyone else ever suffer from {creative constipation}? Ever have the planets in perfect alignment but just can't get started?

Just curious.


Priscilla said...

All the time!!! pitty there isn't a creative laxative we can take.....

TiLT said...

lol! Priscilla took the words right outta my mouth! That is almost word for word what I was going to type! :)

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