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Since I did all the legwork in buying our new (er ... new to *us*) home, as a reward, I got a new (again, new to *me*) embroidery machine -- a Janome Memory Craft 9000!

I've *always* wanted one, but never felt that I either deserved it or had earned it. Finally, after only about a gajillion years of sewing (and *loving* it!) have I come to the conclusion that an embroidery machine is a worthwhile acquisition -- and this whole "sewing thing" (as my family puts it) isn't just a fad.

One of the things that *really* excites me about my new embroidery machine is the fact that I have *always* wanted to design my own embroidery motifs. I figure, if I'm going to take the time to pick out a pattern, modify it, tweak the fit, sew it up in a lovely fabric (AKA, truly make it *mine*), then why in the world would I want to *have* to use someone else's embroidery design?!

Sew, I've already got the software I need to be able to digitize my own designs. I know that's not the end all, be all, to creating my own embroidery designs - so I'm doing my best to learn, trial and error-style, what makes a great design. Once I learn that, I'll start sharing my designs (if you're interested!). :)

Also joining the "creative" family is my new Brother 1034D serger. This baby is, actually new. A luxury that I would have normally have gone without, but again, after a gajillion years of sewing, I think this is one purchase that'll "pay for itself" over time.

I already have lovely visions of neatly serged seams on knits (I *love* knits, but hate finishing the seams with a regular sewing machine) and quickie finishes on napkins and such.

*contented sigh*

Both of my new babies are beautiful -- and only after a few weeks, I'm already hooked!

*btw, both images were snagged off the 'net. The Janome pic is from epinions.com & the Brother pic is from the Brother website. Tomorrow, when the light's (hopefully) decent, I'll take some pix-ies of my own! For now ... I'm just too durn excited to wait!*

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